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The Children and Young People's Specialist Service comprises the Children's Social Work services (including child protection; disabled children and children in need; children and young people in care; fostering and adoption) and leads on safeguarding children issues for the Council.

The Service provides a range of  resources to support parents and carers in looking after their children in the community and to support children and young people in Bath and North East Somerset in realising their full potential.  The service also recruits and supports foster carers and adoptive families to look after those children who cannot be cared for within their own family.  The service is fully committed to working in partnership with parents and young people to provide and develop services to meet their needs and always promote the best interest of children.

The service has strong working relationships with other agencies, such as Health, Police, Education and Youth Services, and with the voluntary sector, and works with these agencies to provide integrated services to children and their families.

The Service has offices based in Civic Centre, Keynsham. 

Additional Information

Contacting the Child Protection Team, Children in Need Team, or the Disabled Children's Team

Information on Adoption and Fostering

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