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The Award is for all young people aged 14-25. It gives opportunities for personal achievement, community and social involvement, adventure and widening of interests. The award offers self- belief, self-confidence and independence and that’s just for starters! It also looks good on your CV.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Duke of Edinburgh's Award about long walks in the pouring rain with 25kg strapped to your back?

Only if you want to! You can choose to do outdoor expeditions, but the Award is based on a programme of activity adapted to suit individuals – it’s about personal challenge.  It is true, though, to say you have to be committed, so it’s about choosing things you’re really going to enjoy.


How does the D of E work?

There are three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and four sections for each level plus a residential for Gold.  For each section, young people choose exactly what to do, within set parameters.


Who can take part?

Anyone aged 14-25. The openness of Duke of Edinburgh's Award is fantastic; it’s not based on fitness or ability but just willingness to have a go.  The only measure is what young people manage to achieve for themselves.


Where can young people do the D of E?

It’s hoped that all young people in Bath and North East Somerset area will have access to a D of E Co-ordinator either through educational establishments or Open Award Centres. There is an Open Award Centre in Keynsham (please use the contact details below).

If you are part of an educational establishment please contact them directly to enquire about getting involved.

For further information contact the Youth Connect Office on 01225 396980 or email dofe@bathnes.gov.uk.  

How much does it cost to enrol?

Bronze/Silver £23.00 (as of April 2016)

Gold £28.50 (as of April 2016)


Frequently Asked Questions - Continued...

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