Adoption is a way of giving a permanent family to a child or young person who can no longer be bought up by their biological family; it is a life long commitment. Adoption means that all legal parental responsibility goes to the adopters; legal ties with the child or young person's birth family are ended. Contact with the birth family may still be required, if it is best for the child.

Adoption West is Regional Adoption Agency and represents an exciting new chapter in how adoption services are provided. Local Authorities in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire have joined together to provide a dedicated adoption service. The aim of this collaboration between authorities is to deliver an adoption service that offers improved outcomes for both children, people who want to adopt and people whose lives have been affected by adoption.

The Agency also provides support services for adopted children and their families and those whose lives have been affected by adoption.

The team at Adoption West pride themselves on welcoming applications from individuals and couples from all walks of life willing to adopt children, including babies and toddlers. There is a particular need at the moment for people to come forward to adopt sibling groups and children with additional needs.  There is no upper age limit to adopt and Adoption West is keen to hear from married and unmarried couples, single people, lesbian and gay couples and individuals, those who have their own children, homeowners or those renting a property.

It can now take just six months to be approved as an adopter and as little as three months for second time adopters or foster carers. Adoption West offer a comprehensive support package to adopters, in a bid to make the adoption process as simple and as smooth as possible for the children and adopters. There has never been a better time to consider adoption in our region.

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