Are you finding it difficult living in your current home? Is this because of:

- a sudden illness or health condition?
- a physical or learning disability or sensory loss?
- problems with the people you live with or your landlord?

If so, then there is support available for you.

If you have a long term health condition, disability, dementia or sensory loss, it may be that you can adapt your home to make it safer and more comfortable for you. If day-to-day life has become difficult, find out  how to get information and advice about care and support to help make life easier. 

If the issue is with your landlord or the people you live with and you are worried about being homeless, you will also find the information you need in this section.

You can also find out about care homes, extra care and housing for people with extra needs (known as supported living).

The Bath and North East Somerset Housing Support Gateway provides a single point where you can apply for a wide range of support services to help you to live independently, to remain in your own home or to avoid homelessness. If you just need help to find somewhere to live please contact the Housing Team.

To be offered a Gateway service you must:

  • live in Bath and North East Somerset and
  • need supported housing or home based ‘floating’ support or
  • Be at risk of becoming homeless or more vulnerable without support from a Gateway service

Well Aware

Wellbeing Options supports people in Bath and North East Somerset to live full and independent lives. Here you will find information about local care providers, services and activities, along with links to other useful websites and resources