This page gives you links to some useful practical resources for people with autism. If you know of something that isn't on this page, please email us at and let us know about it.

The BASS service in Bath & North East Somerset provides diagnoses and post-diagnostic support for adults with autism. More information on this service can be found on the 'How do I get diagnosed with autism' page. BASS has produced this easy read leaflet for people who think they may have autism

People with autism often find visiting the GP difficult. The Royal College of GP's has produced the following leaflets which may be helpful:

The National Autism Society (NAS) have produced some resources to support people with autism to get the right support when they are in touch with services:

The National Autistic Society’s Avon Branch is a support group for parents and carers of adults with autism

First bus service have produced some alert cards which can be carried to inform the driver of a particular need. These include one for people with autism:

The advocate's gateway have produced the guide below for people who may be preparing to question someone who is on the autistic spectrum:

Criminal justice system advice for questioning someone on the autistic spectrum:

The National autism strategy can be found here:

National autism strategy

As well as the information above, the NAS has a lot of useful practical information and advice including the NAS Avon Branch support group for parents and carers of adults with autism