1. Eligibility Criteria
  2. Pre-Requisites
  3. Online Application

Eligibility Criteria

A B&NES Private Hire Operator:

  • must be a fit and proper person;
  • must operate from premises located within the district of Bath and North East Somerset; and
  • must ensure they have any necessary planning permission required for the premises from which they wish to operate.  If this is not produced on the first application, the issue of the licence will be delayed until the application has been referred to the Council’s Planning Services.  The relevant permission must be submitted to Licensing Services in writing; and
  • must be able to prove their right to work in the UK.


Before you can apply you must ensure you have

Online Application

When you have completed the above and are ready to proceed with your application you can use the online form below.  The following will be required as part of the online submission: 

At least 28 days’ notice must be given to the Council to process the application.  Business must not commence before the licence has been issued.

Online Application Form

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