Bath’s Clean Air Zone

In 2020, we’re introducing a Clean Air Charging Zone (CAZ) in Bath to improve air quality across the city by 2021.

This means that if you’re still driving a higher-emission, non-compliant taxi or private hire vehicle, you’ll be charged every day that you drive in the zone.

It's therefore important that you keep abreast of the final decision on emissions standards for Bath's Clean Air Zone, which will be published here in October 2018.


Passenger Information

A Guide to using Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles 

Taxis with Disabled Access

Taxi Ranks 

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Taxi Rank

 Tariffs and Fares


Online Register of Licences 

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Driver/Operator Information

Apply for a Driver, Vehicle or Operator Licence

Policies and Conditions

Licence Fees and Charges


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Drivers' Knowledge Test - Guidance 

English Language Test

Committee Procedures

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Drivers' Bulletin Board

Taxi Testing at Locksbrook

Lost and Found



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