Before You Apply

You need to ensure that you have read and understood the requirements set out on these web pages before you submit an application for a Street Trading Consent.  This is because we are unable to proceed with your application if you haven't supplied us with all the information we have asked for. 

Everything you need to know about about Street Trading is available on these web pages.  However, if you require additional, bespoke help or advice you can use our Business Support Service.  Details are are available via the following link:

Request for Additional Help and Advice

Application Form

When you are sure you are able to provide all the information we require, you may complete the following form and submit to us for consideration:

Street Trading Pitch Application Form

Supporting Documentation

You will need to attach the following to the form:

  • a  manufacturer's photo or diagram of the type of stall you wish to use; and
  • a location plan to scale (if you wish to create a new pitch). 

Further Requirements

You must ensure that you have read and agree to the Council’s:

If you intend to sell food, you may need to complete a food registration form.  Details are available on the Food Safety Team's webpage.

More pages about Street Trading Consents



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