Drawing of Full Market Configuration


Scheme 1: Midsomer Norton Town Square

 The concept designs for the new Market Square have now been released for the public consultation taking place from Friday 27th November until Tuesday 29th December 2020.

Midsomer Norton Town Council, B&NES Council and Historic England are pleased to announce that the first phase of the High Street Heritage Action Zone Project is now live and the concept designs for works at The Island are outlined below.

These concept designs are the result of partnership working with various community stakeholders supported by officers at Historic England and B&NES. This new space has been designed to accommodate a variety of different functions and can be configured to facilitate day-to-day use, special events or a mix of the two. As such, the proposed designs seek to:

  • Provide a welcoming, safe and attractive place that local people can enjoy;
  • Create events space with the right infrastructure to support markets, cultural activities and civic occasions;
  • Enhance the western end of the high street and complement the historic Town Hall and nearby shops;
  • Support the function of the surrounding retailers and Town Hall.


Key Documents

Community feedback and input on the concept designs will be crucial to inform the development of the final scheme at The Island. Alongside scheduled meetings with local community groups and businesses, members of the public are warmly welcomed to provide feedback and have their voices heard. This feedback will be used to revise the designs, inform further technical work and develop other exciting aspects of the Heritage Action Zone Project. This includes working out how best to use the space for community events and activities currently in development.

To comment on the designs, please contact Edward Heritage, High Street Heritage Action Zone Project Manager by email (edward_heritage@bathnes.gov.uk) or by post (Edward Heritage, c/o Midsomer Norton Town Council, Town Hall, The Island, BA3 2HQ). Alternatively, please contact Midsomer Norton Town Council by telephone (01761 418701).

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