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Animal Licence


Allows you to run a business carrying out one or more of the following activities:  Selling Animals as Pets; Providing Boarding for Cats or Dogs; Hiring Out Horses; Breeding Dogs; and Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition

Do I need an animal licence?

How much does an animal licence cost?

How long does an licence last for?

How do I apply for an animal licence?

Further information about animal licences

Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA) Licence

SnakeAllows you to keep wild, dangerous or exotic animals.

Do I need a DWA licence?

How much does a DWA licence cost?

How long does a DWA licence last for?

How do I apply for a DWA licence?

Further information about DWA licences

Zoo Licence

ElephantsAllows you to display wild animals to the public.

Do I need a zoo licence?

How much does a zoo licence cost?

How long does a zoo licence last for?

How do I apply for a zoo licence?

Further information about zoo licences

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