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Business Advice and Support Service

We offer a pre-application advice service which will help you to make your application correctly and reduce unnecessary delays.  Further information is available at

Premises Licence

Photo of champagne glasses clinking

Allows you to sell alcohol by retail, provide regulated entertainment, or provide late night refreshment.

Do I need a premises licence?

How much does a premises licence cost?

How long does a premises licence last for?

How do I apply for a premises licence?

Further information about premises licences

Club Premises Certificate

Photo of a members clubAllows a members club to supply alcohol to club members, provide regulated entertainment, or provide late night refreshment.

Do I need a club certificate?

How much does a club certificate cost?

How long does a club certificate last for?

How do I apply for a club certificate?

Further information about club certificates

Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

Photo of a garden partyAllows licensable activities to take place on a premises that does not have a premises licence.  This is effective on a temporary basis and limits the number and duration of events.

Do I need a TEN?

How much does a TEN cost?

How long does a TEN last for?

How do I apply for a TEN?

Further information about TENs

Personal Licence

Photo of a barman offering a drinkAllows you to supervise the sale of alcohol in any licensed premises - including pubs, off licences, restaurants and hotels.

Do I need a personal licence?

How much does a personal licence cost?

How long does a personal licence last for?

How do I apply for a personal licence?

Further information about personal licences

More pages about Alcohol and Entertainment Licences

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