Local businesses account for a third of Bath and North East Somerset's carbon dioxide emissions. There are excellent business opportunities for local businesses that act now to prepare for the emerging low carbon economy. The importance of business adaption to a low carbon world is highlighted in the Economic Strategy for Bath and North East Somerset 2010 - 2026 in chapter 2: Scarcity of resources; page 10.

If your business is keen to reduce its environemental impact related to operations, here are some ways to get started:

  • Choose an energy supplier that provides renewably generated electricity.
  • How energy efficent is your workplace, e.g. LED light bulbs, heating controls.
  • Influence your supply chains by asking for more sustainable options, the first step is to ask them to reduce unnecessary packaging.
  • Can you source supplies more locally, e.g. food?
  • Minimise waste, epecially single use plastic items. Reuse or recycle as much as possible.
  • Business travel - can you reduce single use car journeys and use public transport or active travel where possible.
    • Are you making use of technology to reduce the need travel? 
    • Could a business membership to a car sharing club reduce the need for onsite parking spaces for private cars?

A list of organisations provide support and networking is below:

West of England Green Business Grants

West of England Green Business Grants for SMEs: Carbon audit of your business and support to improve energy efficiency of buildings and business operations. 

Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust's business pages provide support and advice for small, medium and large businesses wanting to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint and environemental impact and save money. The Tools & Guides section provides information across a broad range of operational areas that businesses may want to improve. 
The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund closed in December 2019, however the many resources, guides and webinars produced are still available to help your business become more sustainable and energy efficient.

Future Economy Network

The Future Economy Network is an Events & Communications service based in Bristol through covering Bath and the south west too. They focus on delivering sustainability related events and networking opportunities whilst providing an invaluable mechanism for strategic communication.

We have an extensive subscription, skill set and the contacts to deliver exceptional events and facilitate collaborations. We are the hub of good news sustainability stories, we share our subscriber’s news, as well as flagging up business opportunities nationally and internationally to share with our ever-growing network and more recently introduced is their low carbon sector recruitment service.

They are part of a larger organisation, The Future Economy Group; a collective of services providing pragmatic business support and advice in the low carbon goods and service sector.

Travel West sustainable travel business support

Travel West provide business support and grants for sustainable travel options. 

Travelwest is the one-stop website for travel information in the West of England, however you like to travel. They provide information to help make your life easier, healthier and save you money by encouraging you grab your bike, your trainers or to catch the bus.

They also keep provide updates about initiatives implemented across the West of England to promote sustainable travel relating to public transportwalkingcyclingcar sharing and electric vehicles as well as providing useful resources for schoolsbusinesses and developers.

Bath BID

For businesses based in Bath the Bath Business Improvement District (Bath BID) is an independent, not for profit, business-led initiative working to create the environment for businesses in Bath to succeed.

For BID members there are services available to help with savings and waste and recycling. 

Commercial waste management

Reducing waste and using materials more efficiently could make your company more profitable. Waste costs money and by finding ways to reduce waste, your business could become more profitable. 
Please go to our Business Recycling and Waste webpages to find out how our range of recycling and waste collection and disposal services can help your business save money and be greener. 

Grants and Funding advice

More information on Grants and Funding for businesses, including financing for energy efficiency measures, can be found in the Business Support pages.  

For more information and to find out what other support is available on running a low carbon business email: economic_development@bathnes.gov.uk

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