Bath City of Ideas Enterprise Area map

2,000 Years of Invention Continues

From the Romans to the Georgians through to present day, Bath has always been a hotbed of technological activity, creativity and innovation.  Whether it's Sir William Herschel, Stothert and Pitt or 250 years of being at the forefront of biomedical innovation, Bath has attracted some of the best talent to the city.  With strengths in Creativity, Micro-electronics, High Value Engineering, Low Carbon Industries and Professional & Financial Services, Bath is a leading business destination where investment will thrive.


Bath City Riverside Enterprise Area

Situated along the River Avon, the Bath City Riverside Enterprise Area has the potential to deliver 65,000sqm of iconic new office space in one of the most prestigious cities in the world, adding 7,000 gross new jobs and £343million additional GVA all targeted towards the city's thriving creative and technology businesses.

Bath City Riverside in 60 Seconds:

  • A hotbed of technological activity and innovation
  • A pioneeering creative spirit with specialisms in publishing, video, film, photography and high value engineering
  • Home to Silicon South West - the highest proportion of silicon designers outside of Silicon Valley
  • Specialist professional and financial service sector including leading venture capitalists
  • 90minutes from London by train
  • Superfast Broadband
  • Two world class universities and one of the highest qualified residential workforces in the UK

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