Legal Preliminaries

  • Formal notice of your intention to marry must be given at the Register Office within the district in which you live
  • Before you can give notice of marriage you must be legally free to marry
  • You cannot give notice of marriage before your divorce is made absolute
  • This must be done at least 28 clear days before you marry but within 12months of your ceremony date. If you are a non EU Citizen this could be extended up to 70days. We are unable to take notices for non EU citizens but Bristol Register Office is our nearest office who can take this type of notice.
  • You both must have lived in a district in England or Wales for 7 clear days (not including the day you arrive in the country or the day you give notice) before you can give notice of marriage in that district

Where can I give Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership?

If you live in Bath and North East Somerset you can make an appointment at our Offices in Keynsham, Midsomer Norton or Bath. Please call us on 01225 477234 to arrange an appointment at any of our offices.

Keynsham One Stop Shop

Keynsham Civic Centre

Market Walk


BS31 1FS

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9:30a.m - 12:10p.m

 Thursday 9:30a.m - 12:10p.m

Midsomer Norton

The Hollies

High Street

Midsomer Norton


Opening Hours

Wednesday 9:30a.m - 4:20p.m

Friday 9:30a.m - 3:40p.m

Bath Office

The Guildhall

High Street



Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday 8:50a.m - 4:20pm.

Thursday 9:30a.m - 4:20p.m

Friday 8:50a.m - 3:40p.m

If you live outside of Bath and North East Somerset but wish to marry in this district please contact your local Register Office to arrange a notice of marriage appointment.

Documentary evidence needed for your Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership Appointment

Proof of your name, age and nationality:

  • A valid passport - If you were born after 1983 and do not hold a valid passport, you must provide your full birth certificate and your mother's full birth certificate
  • birth certificate
  • national identity card from the EEA or Switzerland

If you've changed your name, you must bring proof - eg a copy of a deed poll.

Proof of your address:

  • valid UK or EEA driving licence
  • gas,water or electricty bill from the last 3 months
  • bank or building society statement from the last month
  • council tax bill from the last 12 months
  • mortgage statement from the last 12 months
  • current tenancy agreement
  • letter from your landlord confirming you live there and including your landlord's name,address and their signature dated within the last 7 days

If you've been divorced or widowed, you will need to take either:

Overseas divorces and annulments may have to be referred to the General Register Office (GRO) for confirmation. If it is referred, there is a fee between £50 and £75. The fee will be confirmed once GRO have seen your documents.

  • You will be required to pay the statutory fee of £35 per person for your notice of marriage
  • the information taken will be displayed to the public in the Guildhall reception for 28 clear days. On the 29th day the information will be taken down and,providing no legal objections have been raised, the marriage authorities will be issued.
  • marriage authorities are the legal documents that allow a marriage to take place

Churches, Chapels and other Religious Buildings

Church of England Churches

  • to marry in the Church of England you MUST either live in the parish, or be on the Church Electoral Roll
  • you must get the permission of the vicar
  • you may get married by banns, or Superintendent Registrar's certificate. This will need to be discussed with the vicar

Other Churches, Chapels or Religious Buildings

  • you may marry in any of these in the Registration district in which you live
  • you must obtain the permission of the Minister, Priest etc.
  • you must give notice of your intention to marry in your local Register Office

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