COVID-19 Update: 19th August 2020.

We have started to conduct citizenship ceremonies again since lock down. We are limiting the group ceremonies to 4 citizens with one guest each and will be holding these ceremonies every Thursday morning at 10am. 

There is a current back log of certificates of natualisation waiting to be delivered to this office from the Home Office. We are currently keeping a list of new citizen's contact details, so when the certificates arrive we will be able to contact that new citizen to offer a ceremony date. If you have been granted British Citizenship and would like your ceremony to take place in Bath, please email with your name, email address and contact number.

Face coverings must be worn and only removed during the Swearing or Affirmation of oath and for the pledge of allegiance.

The Citizenship ceremony marks the final step on the path to becoming a British Citizen. From December 31 2003 it became mandatory for all new British citizens (with the exception of those under 18 years) to attend a celebratory ceremony to receive their certificate of naturalisation.

The cost of the ceremony is included in the home office fee you paid as part of your application.

At the ceremony you will be welcomed into your local community by local civic dignitaries and meet other people in the area who are becoming British citizens.

What happens at a citizenship ceremony?

Entry to a Citizenship ceremony is strictly by invitation only, therefore you must bring your invitations with you on the day. You should also bring your letter from the Home Office which confirms you have been granted Citizenship and photographic proof of identity.

The ceremony will take approximately 45 minutes.

The format of a ceremony is as follows

  • Formal introduction and welcome from the Superintendent Registrar
  • Local dignitary speech
  • Swearing or affirmation of oath*
  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Playing of our National Anthem
  • Presentation of certificate and gift

* Swearing the oath means making a solemn promise before God; affirming the oath means making a solemn and binding promise. Both are equally valid and it is a matter of personal preference which you choose to make.

Most ceremonies will be carried out in groups for up to 25 new citizens.  These will normally be held in the Guildhall on the third Thursday of each month.

You will be able to invite up to 2 guests to celebrate your day with you. Your guests are welcome to take photographs during the ceremony.

Alternatively you may prefer to arrange a private ceremony to celebrate gaining citizenship in a more individual way with your family and friends at the Guildhall. 

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