Closed cemetery

This cemetery was closed by Order in Council in 1855, following which it was maintained by the Parochial Church Council until 1996 when that council applied to  transfer its obligations to Bath & North East Somerset Council as entitled by Section 215 of the Local Government Act 1972.


Maintenance of grounds

The maintenance regime in place at present is to cut all closed cemeteries and churchyards fortnightly (weather permitting). All pruning, hedge cutting, etc., is carried out as winter works after the grass cutting season has ended. However if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the main office.

The council's arboricultural office keeps the trees under  a 3 yearly review. All major tree works are carried out by the council's tree specialists



The main claim to fame of this cemetery is that it was the original burial ground of Fanny Burney, although her remains along with those of her husband General d'Arblay and their son Alexander were removed to Haycombe and are currently beneath the Rockery Garden there. 

More recently monuments commemorating her life have been erected in consultation with the Fanny Burney Society of Bath at both Walcot and Haycombe Cemeteries.

Bereavement Services carries out a 5 year rolling programme of memorial testing to ensure that memorials are preserved as well as possible. The council does not have the right to restore memorials, but it does have the responsibility to make the cemetery a reasonably safe place to visit which enables it to lay down any memorials in danger of falling. Safety in cemeteries and churchyards has improved so much since such programmes were introduced, that now the main benefit from testing is to ensure that  memorials are not left to rot until they fall smashing themselves, or neighbouring memorials, or both, in the process.  


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