Book an appointment to register a birth and find out about registration and birth certificates. 

When and where to register a birth

You need to register your baby in order to obtain a birth certificate.

It is a statutory requirement that a birth must be registered within 42 days.

A birth should be registered in the district where it occurred. If the birth occurred within Bath and North East Somerset please call us on 01225 477234.

Registering a birth by declaration

If you live outside of Bath and North East Somerset but your baby was born in this district, you may register the birth by declaration at your nearest Register Office. In this case your baby's birth certificate will be sent to you in the post once we have received the declaration and payment from the Register Office you attended.

When registering by declaration, please take a cheque or postal order payable to 'BANES Council' to your appointment. Alternatively, you can make the payment online within three days of the date you make the declaration. The fee is £11.00 per certificate and you will need the reference number given to you by the registrar.


For information about other Register Offices throughout England and Wales, please see find a register office on the GOV.UK website.

Naming Ceremonies

Why not welcome your new arrival with a day to remember, together with your family and friends? If you are interested in having a Naming Ceremony, please contact us on 01225 477234 or email

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