Special offer on re-usable nappies

Why choose re-usable nappies?

Bath Cloth nappy library

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Special offer on re-usable nappies

Re-usable nappies worth £250 on sale for £150.

Bath and North East Somerset Council are selling Bambino Mio re-usable nappy packs to residents at a reduced price to help you reduce waste in your bin, save money and help the environment.

The pack includes:

  • 15 miosolo all-in-one re-usable nappies
  • 50 mioliners (nappy liners)
  • 300g miofresh (nappy/laundry cleanser)
  • 1 x nappy bucket
  • 2 x laundry bags

If you are a resident of Bath and North East Somerset, you can buy a pack by visiting the Council's One Stop Shops at:

Lewis House 
Manvers St 
Civic Centre
Market Walk 
BS31 1FS
Midsomer Norton
The Hollies 
High St 
Midsomer Norton 

Click here to download the re-usable nappy offer leaflet.

Why choose re-usable nappies?

Swapping to re-usable nappies is easy, it can save you money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Re-usable nappies are cheaper. It is estimated that the cost of buying and using re-usable nappies is between £182 and £359. The estimated cost of using disposable nappies is £922 (Women's Environmental Network)

Re-usable nappies means less waste to landfill

Nearly 3 billion disposable nappies are thrown away in the UK each year. This works out as 8 million nappies everyday. 90% of these end up in landfill. (Women's Environmental Network)

Re-usable nappies can save energy and resources

The number of disposable nappies used over the average 2.5 years that a child uses nappies is in the region of 3,796. The number of re-usable nappies used for same time is 30 (www.defra.gov.uk - An updated lifecycle assessment study for disposable and re-usable nappies)

Find more information and advice about re-usable nappies.

Bath Cloth Nappy Library

Unfortunately, due to lack of volunteers, the Bath Cloth Nappy Library are no longer at Percy NCT, but for more information please visit Bath Cloth Nappy Library's Facebook page, Bath's NCT group webpage or email bathclothnappylibrary@gmail.com

Read our choose re-usable nappies guide.

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