If you are organising any event, from a community street party to a large public event, it is important to plan ahead to make it as ‘green’ as possible by managing it sustainably.

Planning your event

All waste produced at an event is subject to strict regulation. When organising an event you must ensure that litter and waste is removed from the site at the end. Remember to consider the following:

  • Who is going to collect what materials and how they will recycle as much of it as possible. If you are inviting traders/concessions, ensure that they know about recycling and litter arrangements. If you are inviting food and drink vendors then your agreement with them might include them taking their own waste away for disposal. 

Whoever you use to deal with the waste and recycling at your event must be registered with the Environment Agency.

  • What containers you are going to use for recycling and waste and where to place them. Think about placing containers near places where people are going to throw things away, ensuring recycling bins are next to litter bins, label properly and get the right number of bins for the size of event.
  • Publicise what you are doing to recycle so that people are aware about the recycling facilities. Use the registration/ entrance point as an opportunity to let people know.

Cut down your waste in the first place

There are lots of things people can do to get towards making their event almost waste-free.

  • Only allow concessions that use recyclable, compostable or reusable cups, plates and utensils to trade at your event;
  • Start by using recycled products, like toilet roll, pencils vending cups and paper;
  • Serve condiments, like sauces, in bulk rather than individual servings;
  • Reducing printing for advertising the event through using e-newsletters and local websites. If you need to use paper, make sure you use both sides;
  • On stationary, use white boards rather than flipcharts, reuse name badges and for signage, avoid putting the date on if possible so they can be reused;
  • Avoid plastic bags.

Having a street party?

As well as going through the process of applying for a street closure, you should bear in mind about what day it is taking place. If your community event, such as a street party or fete, is to take place on your normal waste and recycling collection day, this may mean that we cannot collect in the usual way and you will need to contact us to discuss and agree alternative arrangements for all the residents who will be affected. As the event organiser, you will need to let the affected residents know about the changes.

  • Where possible, get people to take their waste home with them;
  • You could arrange for a member of the organising team to take separated bags to recycle at one of our Recycling Centres.

For more information regarding organising an event, visit the Event Organisers section of the website.

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