Rubbish Collections

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Your rubbish is now collected every other week in a wheeled bin or re-usable rubbish bag (recycling and food waste will continue to be every week). To find out more please go to Recycling and rubbish changes.

Our rubbish collections are only for the left over waste that you cannot recycle.  Please go to Recycling collections to find out what we collect for recycling. Remember, every tonne of waste going to landfill means a higher cost to local taxpayers to pay for Landfill Tax charges.

How to put your rubbish out

  • Your rubbish needs to be put out in wheeled bins or re-usable rubbish bags (RRBs) depending on what your property has been allocated. To check your allocation, please go to Services in your area and enter your postcode. If you have a question about your bin allocation please contact Council Connect ( 01225 39 40 41)
  • All your rubbish needs to be contained within your bin/bag and the lid needs to close properly. We will not collect extra bags of rubbish. If you do put out extra bag(s) of rubbish beside your bin/bag, our crews will not collect but will place a yellow sticker on the bag. This will explain that we do not take extra rubbish and that you must put it in your rubbish bin/bag for your next collection, or you can take it to your nearest Recycling Centre. If extra bags are left out you could be fined.
  • If you have a RRB, please put your rubbish in tied black sacks before putting it in your RRB.  We will not collect waste that is put in loose.
  • Please put your rubbish out by 7am on your collection day (or no earlier than 8pm the night before).  Please bring your container back in on your collection day – do not leave bags or boxes on railings or steps.
  • If you live in a household with 6 or more people, 2 children in full time nappies or have a medical need you may be eligible for a larger bin.  Please contact Council Connect to discuss your needs.
  • If your rubbish bin/bag is damaged (eg broken wheel) or you need a new bag, please contact Council Connect for a replacement. Please note that repeat requests may be charged for.
  • If you move house, you must leave your bin/bag at your old property. The bin belongs to the Council and must remain at the property it was allocated to except if you have been allocated a larger bin.  If you have been issued a larger bin you must take this with you as it is the correct bin for you rather than your old property. Please contact Council Connect to let us know your new address where your larger bin will be.

Check your collection day

You can find out your collection day using our collection day finder 

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Do not put these out with your rubbish


Please do NOT put the following items out with your rubbish What to do instead
NO extra bags of rubbish next to your bin/bag Recycle all you can - take extra bags of rubbish that you cannot fit in your bin/bag to your nearest Recycling Centre or

put in your emptied bin/bag for your next collection.

NO recyclable items Use your food waste, green box and blue bag recycling collections.
NO food waste Use your food recycling collection (see recycling collections).
NO garden waste Subscribe to our garden waste collection service, put it out in Council paper sacks or take it to our Recycling Centres.
NO hazardous waste (eg gas bottles, fluorescent tubes) Check if you can take it to one of our Recycling Centres.  Otherwise you may need to contact a specialist contractor.
NO broken, loose or sharp items Wrap them thoroughly (eg in newspaper or a cardboard box) to make sure they cannot cause injury
NO hot ashes Make sure they have cooled down first and put them in tied bags
NO asbestos Take it to one of our Recycling Centres
NO paint Take it to one of our Recycling Centres
NO DIY rubble Take it to one of our Recycling Centres
NO business waste Please use a Business waste collection or take it to our Transfer Station in Bath
NO large items Use our chargeable collection service for large items or take it to one of our Recycling Centres

Help with putting your waste out

If you need help putting your recycling or rubbish out for collection, please go to Help with putting your waste out


To find out if there is a current collection problem in your area, please go to Current Collection Problems

To report a missed collection or other problem, please go to Report it

Contact us

To report a missed collection or other problem, please go to Report it

You can also contact Council Connect by email or phone 01225 39 40 41

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