Communal recycling facilities (Mini Recycling Centres) are provided for people living in flats or similar accommodation. They operate as an alternative to the recycling green box.

We are now introducing food waste collections to more flats starting from 1 October 2018.  Our Campaigns Team will be visiting flats to deliver leaflets about the new service throughout September.

Where communal waste and recycling facilities are provided, these will not be affected by the changes to the rubbish collection service starting 6 Nov.  However they may be reviewed in the future and we will keep you informed if any future changes are made.

What can I recycle?

  • Food waste recycling collections are now available in some flats.
  • Paper; most types but brown paper and cardboard need to be put in the cardboard bin. You don't need to remove staples.
  • Glass bottles and jars; all colours, but please rinse. Labels can be left on.
  • Cans and aerosols; all food and drinks cans, but please rinse and remove plastic lids from aerosols. Labels can be left on.
  • Household plastic packaging; most household plastic packaging used to package food or drinks such as pots, tubs, trays and bottles. (We cannot  take black plastic, plastic bags, plastic film and non-packaging plastic such as plant pots). Please rinse and squash plastic bottles to save space on our vehicles.
  • Cardboard; all cardboard including cereal boxes, egg boxes, toilet roll tubes, greetings cards, food and drinks cartons and brown paper.

 Food waste recycling collections for flats

Most flats with suitable access now have food waste recycling collections.

Instead of throwing your food waste away in your rubbish, we give you a kitchen caddy (small plastic bin) to store food waste in the kitchen and a starter roll of caddy liners (compostable bags). You can put all raw and cooked food waste into your caddy including plate scrapings. Then empty this into the large communal food waste wheeled bin outside, next to your existing recycling bins. 

We will collect your food waste from this wheeled bin every week and process it to make make electricity and fertilizer.

You can use everyday household plastic bags for your food recycling collection, but you can also continue to use compostable liners, newspaper and paper bags to line your kitchen caddy.

Find out more with our leaflet on recycling food in flats (see PDF on right hand side of screen).

How to get a Mini Recycling Centre

  • Make sure you have the support of the management company or housing association who have overall responsibility for the building;
  • We suggest that the management company or housing association contact us directly via Council Connect

It might take 3-4 months for the Mini Recycling Centre being installed subject to permissions and the waiting list.

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