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Our recycling collections are all weekly (except our chargeable garden waste collection which is every other week). Scroll down or click on the following links to find out more.

Recycling collections

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Food recycling collections

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Food is recycled into electricity. If every household in Bath and North East Somerset recycled their food, it would create enough electricity to power 1,140 homes for a year. To find out how your food is recycled into electricity please go to

  • Line your kitchen caddy with a suitable everyday plastic carrier bag (no black bags or bags for life) compostable liner or newspaper.
  • Empty your food caddy into your outside food bin before it gets too full.
  • Rinse both containers regularly.
  • Lock your outside food bin by pulling the handle forward to keep out animals and birds.

We collect all types of food, both raw and cooked, edible and not edible, including:

  • Meat and fish (including bones)
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Egg shells
  • Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Rice, pasta and beans
  • Uneaten or leftover food
  • Teabags and coffee grounds

Please do not put any packaging, liquids, oil or fat in with your food waste. You can take large quantities of used cooking oil to our Recycling Centres. Alternatively if you cannot get to a Recycling Centre, you can soak small amounts of old cooking oil into any newspaper or kitchen roll used to wrap your food waste, and put it out for your food waste collection. We cannot take compostable items such as cutlery and plates as these do not break down effectively in the process and are classed as contaminants.

You can put your food in everyday plastic carrier bags so you do not have to buy compostable liners. 

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Green box recycling

Image of recycling boxes showing how to separate your materials

Please separate your recycling.  We recommend using 2 boxes as follows:

  1. Paper and glass (and all other items that you can recycle in your green box).
  2. Plastic and cans mixed together plus foil (they are later separated by magnets)

You can print out stickers to put on your green boxes to remind you how to sort them (in the documents section on this page).  If you would like us to send you stickers please contact Council Connect 01225 39 40 41.  Make sure your green boxes are clean and dry before you attach them.

The main items we collect in your box are:

    Newspaper, magazines, catalogues, directories, Yellow Pages, junk mail, white paper and white envelopes, white based wrapping paper, greetings cards and small amounts of shredded paper (no more than 2 carrier bags at a time).
    No cardboard of brown paper thanks - these can be put in your blue cardboard recycling bag.
    Any plastic bottles (including drinks, shampoo and bleach bottles - rinse, squash and replace the lid), plus pots, tubs and trays used ot hold food.
    No black plastic thanks
    Please rinse - labels and lids can be left on
    No broken glass or other types of glass (eg Pyrex, tumblers and window panes - they do not melt at the same temperature as bottles and jars)
    Including large biscuit tins. Please rinse tins (labels can be left on) and squash cans if possible, to make more room on our vehicles. Please remove lids from aerosols and make sure they're empty
  • FOIL
    Clean aluminium foil (eg bottle tops, take away trays). Please squash together.
    No silver plastic (eg crisp packets - if you scrunch it and it springs back, it's not foil) and no paper backed foil thanks.
    Including small electronic devices (eg cameras), small electrical personal care (eg hairdryers), small electrical appliances (eg kettles), small DIY and garden electricals (eg drills) - Please place your electrical items in an untied plastic carrier bag next to your green recycling box
    No microwaves, large printers and anything else that is too big to fit inside a plastic carrier bag

The textiles you’re putting out for the weekly collection need to be of good re-usable condition. They must also be placed in a tied plastic bag (to keep dry and clean) in green box, or the crew will leave behind.

You can put all clean wearable clothing, shoes (paired), belts, hats, scarves, gloves, bed linen, blankets and towels into your green recycling box. Please bag your textiles items to keep then as clean and dry as possible (not in black bag in case it's mistaken for rubbish and no charity bags) so we can get maximum benefit from them.

Acceptable Items would be clean, re-saleable:  

·       Clothing including underwear

·       Shoes

·       Handbags

·       Belts

·       Pillow Cases, duvet covers, sheets

·       Towels

Unacceptable Items include:

 ·       Any waste items such as paper, batteries, plastics

·       Any quilts, pillows, cushions, rugs, curtains

·       Odd shoes (all shoes must be in pairs)

·       Any wet, soiled, stained, smelly, damaged items

·       Decorating clothes

·       Logo’d uniform/workwear

  • Batteries - all types - once you have collected enough, please put in a small bag at the top of your box
  • Car batteries - please place next to your box
  • Engine oil and oil filters - in sealed engine oil containers.  Drain and wrap oil filters in plastic bags to avoid leaks
  • Mobile phones - including batteries and chargers
  • Printer ink cartridges - leave in original packaging where possible or use the packaging from the new cartridge
  • Spectacles - unbroken

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Blue bag cardboard collections

Image of blue cardboard recycling bag

  • Please remove all plastic, sticky tape and polystyrene before putting out for recycling.
  • Please flatten, fold or cut your cardboard so that it’s no bigger than 45cm square. 
  • If it fits into your blue bag it will fit into our vehicles.
  • Please keep cardboard separate from the paper – it is  recycled separately.

We can recycle the following items in your blue bag:

  • Cardboard
  • Cartons (food and drinks containers)
  • Brown paper

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