Recycling and rubbish collections

We provide weekly food and recycling collections along with every other week rubbish collections to most households across the area (please see Services in your area).  Click on the links to find out more.

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How to put out your recycling and rubbish

  • Please put your recycling and rubbish out by 7am on your collection day (and no earlier than 8pm the night before)
  • Please put your rubbish in a Council wheeled bin or re-usable rubbish bag.
  • Please make sure you can fully close your bin/bag.  Do not put extra rubbish bags next to your bin/bag as we will not collect them.
  • Put your containers at the front edge of your property where they can easily be seen - please leave enough room for people to walk past them.
  • Don’t let litter blow from your containers – put a lid on your box if it’s windy
  • Bring your emptied containers back in on your collection day ASAP.  Do not leave wheeled bins on the pavement and re-usable rubbish bags or boxes on railings or steps.
  • Do not use the litter bins to dispose of household waste – this is classed as fly tipping and you could be fined.
  • Your rubbish collection is only for items that cannot be recycled.  Please make sure that you make full use of the food, green box and blue bag recycling collections. Please separate the different items that go in your recycling box and rinse out food and drinks containers.
  • Do not put out large or hazardous items and please make sure that sharp items or broken glass are wrapped thoroughly before putting out for your rubbish collection, to prevent injury.
  • If you have a re-usable rubbish bag you must not put loose waste into these bags as we will not collect it. Put your rubbish into tied black sacks first.
  • If you move house, you must leave your bin/bag at your old property. The bin is Council property and must remain at the property it was allocated to. If you have been allocated a larger container, please contact us before you move, for further advice.
  • The Council has powers to fine people who do not present their waste properly.

Severe weather- what to do

Our crews work hard to maintain usual services during severe weather, but sometimes delays do happen when roads are icy and driving conditions hazardous particularly for large, heavy vehicles.

We don’t take decisions to delay services lightly, but must consider the safety of our crews, pedestrians and other road users.

If severe weather continues for a long period please check  Current Collection Problems for updates and our facebook page and and local radio and media. You can also check the home page of the Council's website.

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