Charging for housing support 

This charging policy is about paying towards supported housing.  It tells you the main points and how to get other information that you may need.

Supporting People want to make sure that the charging policy is fair and shows clearly who pays for support.

Supporting People work together with organisations who:

  • Provide services like housing support and voluntary organisations
  • Pay for the services like the local council and government departments

Paying for support

Some people pay towards housing support and some do not.

People who do not pay

  • People who do not earn much money and do not have savings of £23,250 or more
  • People who get housing benefit
  • People who are getting housing support for less than 2 years and it is helping the person to live more independently (this is called short term housing)

People who pay all their housing support

  • People who have savings over £23,250
  • People who earn a lot of money 
There are different ways that people pay towards their housing support.  This is different for each person.

People who may pay towards housing support

  • People who need housing support over a long time.
  • They will have assessments to see if they need to pay towards their support.
  • If they are not happy with the assessments they can appeal or ask for it to be done again.
You can talk to the Client Finance Team to get help or find out more on 01225 396370

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