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Extract from Register of Definitive Map Modification Order Applications

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Reference No. Title Description Applicant Details Parish Date Received Council Decision Date Council Decision and Minute Number Order Confirmed Application Plan General Notes
41 Claverton Down Road, Claverton DMMO Footpath from Claverton Down Road south to North Road Bath and North East Somerset Council Riverside, Temple Street, Keynsham BS31 1LA Bath 01/04/2000 27/01/2005 Make order to add FP. Minute 9. 10/08/2010 DMMO Application. Order confirmed with modifications
10 Bath - Dransfield Way DMMO Add footpath between Ivy Avenue and Coronation Avenue along a route known locally as Dransfield Way Mr N. Clarke Not given Bath 28/11/2000 08/01/2008 Not to make an order // 10App.pdf 10Plan.pdf DMMO Application. The Application Route is a motorised, vehicular highway but is not used mainly for the purposes of a public and therefore is not recordable on the DM&S
30 Horsecombe Brow - Shepherds Walk DMMO To add footpath running between Horsecombe Brow and Shepherds Walk. Dr Frank Thorn 31 Horsecombe Brow, Combe Down, Bath, BA2 5QY Bath 16/08/2004 14/04/2005 Not to make an order // 30App.pdf 30Plan.pdf DMMO Application. Order Confirmed
34 The Tumps DMMO Add a footpath between Wellsway and The Tumps Clifford Roy Chivers 142 Wellsway, Bath BA2 4SE Bath 11/04/2006 24/02/2014 Make order to add FP (Delegated Authority) // 34App.pdf 34Plan.pdf DMMO Application. Secretary of State declined to confirm Order
43 Somerset Place, Bath DMMO Add footpath from BC46/4 to end of Somerset Place Cavendish Crescent Residents Association 9 Cavendish Crescent, Bath BA1 2UG Bath 02/06/2008 16/09/2014 Make order to add FP (Delegated Authority) 17/02/2015 43App.pdf 43Plan.pdf DMMO Application. Order confirmed and case closed.
47 Newbridge Park and Ride, Newbridge DMMO Add a footpath between Newbridge Road and footpath BC15/2 Robert John Page 135 Kelston Road, Bath BA1 9AB Bath 01/09/2011 25/02/2015 Make order to add FP (Delegated Authority) 26/08/2015 47App.pdf 47Plan.pdf DMMO Application. Order confirmed and case closed.
56 King George's Road Allotments, Bath DMMO Add footpath between Lansdown View Road and King Geroge's Road Allotments Chris Murphy 8 Lansdown View, Twerton, Bath, BA2 1BE Bath 27/08/2014 19/04/2017 Not to make an order // 56App.pdf 56Plan.pdf DMMO Application. No order made. Case closed.
59 Foxhill MOD, Bath DMMO Add footpath between North Road to Pope's Walk Nick Coates 23 Stone House Lane, Bath, BA2 5DW Bath 24/11/2014 31/03/2015 OMA: No order. SoS: Made order for FP on appeal. 25/11/2016 58App.pdf 58Plan.pdf DMMO Application. Order confirmed without modification by the Secretary of State
116 Bathampton Ferry DMMO Add footpath between public footpath BA2/1, 2 & 3 and the River Avon Peter John Wardle 243 Bailbrook Lane, Bath, BA1 7AA Bath 06/05/2021 // // 104App.pdf DMMO Application. Awaiting commencement.
126 Bathampton Down DMMO Add footpath between BA1/30 and BC74/4 Bathampton Parish Council 67-69 Holcombe Close, Bathampton, Bath, BA2 6UP Bath 22/02/2022 // // 112App.pdf DMMO Application. Awaiting commencement.
128 Hengrove Wood DMMO Add footpath between BA1/25 &27 and BA6/2 Bathampton Parish Council 67-69 Holcombe Close, Bathampton, Bath, BA2 6UP Bath 07/03/2022 // // 113App.pdf DMMO Application. Awaiting commencement.




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