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Fri, 12/07/2019

Three people have been successfully prosecuted by Bath & North East Somerset Council for illegally using Blue Badges to take advantage of free and convenient parking.


Fiona Gay, aged 49, from Melrose Grove, Bath,  failed to appear in court and the hearing proceeded in her absence. She was found guilty of Blue Badge Misuse and ordered to pay £1000 fine, £395 costs and a £100 Victim Surcharge.


Karen Sainsbury, 57, from Flatwood Road, Bath,  pleaded guilty in person to Blue Badge Misuse and was ordered to pay £660 fine, £395 costs and a £66 Victim Surcharge.


El Bawna, 57, from Pennyquick View, Bath, pleaded guilty by post to Blue Badge Misuse and was ordered to pay £660 fine, £395 costs and a £66 Victim Surcharge.


The prosecutions were brought by the council and supported by Blue Badge Fraud Investigation (BBFI).


Councillor Joanna Wright, joint cabinet member for Transport Services, said: “We recognise that the majority of Blue Badge holders are legitimate, but a minority play the system and use blue badges illegally. It means fewer disabled parking bays are available for those who really need them and less money goes into the public purse through parking charges. These prosecutions send a clear message to fraudsters that they risk going to court, receiving a criminal record and a fine of up to £1000 if caught.”


Residents can apply for Blue Badges if they have a disability or health condition that affects their mobility. Parents of a child with a health condition that affects their mobility can also apply for a Blue Badge.


However, there are strict rules in the use of Blue Badges:


• Never use someone else’s badge, even if you are doing a job or running an errand for them


• Never lend your badge to someone else.


• Never buy a badge in the pub or on the internet.


• Never photocopy a badge or make a fake badge.  Even a copy of your own badge is a forgery.


Any instances of suspected Blue Badge abuse should be reported to  alternatively call 01225 477133


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