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Fri, 12/07/2019

Parents and carers of young children across Bath and North East Somerset are being reminded of the dangers that blind cords can pose.

The warning comes following an inquest last month into the death of two year old Macy Fletcher from Greater Manchester who was strangled by a blind cord in her bedroom.  According to statistics 29 toddlers have died in accidents connected to blind cords since 1999.

Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Trading Standards department is backing the Buy Wise Be Safe Summer Safety campaign, launched on Monday 15 July, which highlights the measures that can be taken to prevent such accidents.

A regulation change in 2014 means that all blinds sold and installed must have the cords attached to the wall and have a chain break feature or a wand-style device to open and close them.

Stuart Radnedge, spokesman for Buy Wise Be Safe, said: “Blind cords are unforgiving if a young child becomes tangled in one. It’s why the regulations were introduced in 2014. But how many people know about it?

“Security devices can be purchased and installed cost-effectively, which should prevent accidents from happening.

“There are many do’s and don’ts to minimise risks to under 5s wellbeing, which can be followed very easily.  For more information and to ‘Make safety your choice this summer’ visit our website

Councillor Paul Crossley, cabinet member for Community Services said “Blind cords can pose a real threat to young children, if you purchased a blind before 2014 it is worth checking it meets the new regulation standards, as it could save your child’s life.  The council works hard to help families to focus on real risks and the simple things they can do to prevent serious injury and to keep children safe.  The summer safety campaign has plenty of advice to help keep you safe through the holiday period, and the hottest months of the year, whether you are at home, work or play.” 

The Buy Wise Be Safe  #SummerSafety camapign promotes best practice advice and addresses many risks that can be found in the home and from travelling to attractions like the beach in the summer. During the week-long campaign, parents and carers of under 5s will be reminded of the steps they can take to  help keep their children safe.

For advice on #SummerSafety and other safety tips visit:

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