Developing a Strategy for Keynsham

Question 1

The Draft Strategy has a vision for transport in Keynsham which is:

“To minimise the negative effects of traffic congestion in and around Keynsham and ensuring it retains its independence and its separate identity within an attractive rural setting by becoming a more sustainable, desirable and well-connected place in which to live and work.”

Question 2

The Draft Strategy wishes to increase:

Question 3
Question 4

If town centre walking and cycling improvements take road space or car parking spaces (for example in the High Street),

Question 5

The Strategy proposes to make improvements to a number of key junctions in Keynsham which have been identified as being over capacity in future years resulting in excessive traffic queues.

Question 6

If Yes…..

There are presently 2 options to make the High Street one-way

Option 1 – Make the High Street one-way in the southbound direction and maintain Ashton Way as two-way traffic.

Option 2 – Make the High Street one-way in the southbound direction and Ashton Way one-way in the northbound direction to create a new gyratory system.

Question 7
Question 8

The Draft Strategy proposes to improve connections between bus and rail services in the town.

Question 9

The Draft Strategy also proposes to improve bus services through better information, measures to reduce delays to buses, Smart ticketing and a revised fare structure.

Question 10

The Draft Strategy proposes improvements to the pedestrian environment providing a safe, attractive walking network linking every day destinations and therefore encouraging increased levels of walking to schools, the town centre and the rail station.

Question 11

Current cycle provision within Keynsham is identified as poor in the Draft Strategy. It is therefore proposed that a cycle network of high quality routes be developed within Keynsham alongside more cycle parking and the introduction of traffic calming on certain routes to create an environment that is conducive for cycling.

Question 12

The Draft Strategy proposes that any increase in parking demand in the town centre is planned for.

Question 13

The Draft Strategy provides a list of measures that would have priority in the short term.

Please rank these priority measures, using the table below, according to their relative importance with 1 being the most important and 7 being the least important.

Minimise the future increase in traffic congestion
Support the local economy
Promote sustainable mobility
Widen travel choice
Widen access to opportunities, lening, training, leisure and facilities
Improve air quality and reduce vehicle carbon emissions
Improve the quality of life for residents
Anything Else?
Additional Information