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Bath Breathes 2021 - Timeline

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To comply with the Government’s directive, we must tackle pollution at NO2 hotspots in Bath in the shortest possible time and by 2021 at the latest.

The Government has given us a framework and clear deadlines to meet.

We welcome feedback and questions from the public throughout the process.

By January 2018

  • Complete data and evidence gathering
  • Review the long list of ideas submitted by the public for Bath’s Air Quality Action Plan

By March 2018 – Strategic Business Case

  • Assess the benefits, impact and effectiveness of the long list against the government’s criteria and timeline
  • Compile a short list of the best measures
  • Present the assessment to Defra, DfT and the council’s cabinet
  • Seek public views on the short list (engagement)

By October 2018 – Draft Outline Business Case

  • Fully assess the impacts
  • Select a preferred option
  • Present the assessment to Defra, DfT and the council’s cabinet
  • Seek public opinion on the preferred option (formal consultation)

By December 2018 – Outline Business Case

  • Finalise the outline business case, taking into account the input from the community
  • Seek approval from the council’s cabinet on the final outline business vase

Note: Bath’s clean air plan, including a class C charging clean air zone, was approved by the council’s cabinet on 5 March 2019. The delay ensured due consideration was given to all consultation responses and important ongoing technical work.

By January 2020 – Full Business Case

  • Consult the public on the details of the scheme (underpinned by the charging order) and the wider plans as they have progressed
  • Develop the full business case
  • Present the full business case to Defra and DfT 

From January 2020 

  • Start installing the ANPR cameras and signage

4 November 2020 – Launch

  • Switch on Bath’s CAZ to ensure cleaner, compliant air across the city by 2021
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