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Support for business

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Support for business

To encourage cleaner fleets and lessen the impact of the zone on businesses, particularly SMEs, we’re looking to provide £28m of funding to help owners to upgrade their pre-euro 6 commercial vehicles. This will apply to buses, coaches, minibuses, lorries, private hire vehicles, taxis and vans, alongside practical support and advice.

Providing support in this way - as opposed to granting exemptions or more concessions - will help us to meet Bath’s strict air quality targets by 2021.

Interest-free loans

Subject to funding from central government:

  • Interest-free loans will be available to owners of pre-euro 6 commercial vehicles to upgrade a vehicle, retrofit an older vehicle or invest in an ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV)
  • Businesses in BANES and businesses from neighbouring authorities with premises in the zone - or delivering to the zone - will be eligible
  • Applications from SMEs and businesses frequently entering the zone will be prioritised
  • The loans will be available from late 2019 ready for the introduction of a zone in late 2020
  • The maximum repayment period will be 60 months (5 years).
  • Businesses with Euro 4 or 5 diesel commercial vehicles unable to obtain a loan would be able to apply for a concession to 1 January 2023 (i.e. not pay to drive in the zone until then).

Additional support for business

Limited concessions:

  • Concessions for Euro 4/5 diesel accessible taxis will be extended until 1 January 2023. (Concessions for regular taxis are no longer available but drivers can apply for interest-free loans to upgrade their vehicles).
  • All hybrid PHVs/taxis will now be locally exempt from charges.

Subject to funding from central government:

  • Advice from dedicated travel advisors on switching to lower emission vehicles and more sustainable modes of travel for employees
  • Advice from travel advisors on delivery and servicing plans that enable more efficient operations.

Please check here regularly for updates as we finalise our plans and open the application process.

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