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Over the coming months, we’ll promote the legal charging order and continue to talk to people about the details of the scheme. Because of the up-coming elections, the council will enter into a period of purdah from 18 March to 2nd May. After this date, we’ll resume our on-going public workshops and meetings to discuss the council’s decision.

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Upcoming events:

Clean Air Day - Thursday 20 June 2019

An all-day pop-up event to raise awareness of the causes of pollution and what you can do to reduce your own contribution. 

Details and venue tbc.

Legal charging order review - 24 June to 21 July 2019

We'll be holding regular events for four weeks from 24 June where you can review the draft legal charging order for the approved scheme.  This is a legal document which allows tthe CAZ to be enforced. Once the review is closed - and any comments have been given due consideration - the charging order will be made, setting out in law how the CAZ will work. At the events, you'll be able to find out more about the scheme's details, examine the proposed boundary and camera placements and see the proposed signage. Feedback is welcome.

Details and venues tbc. 

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