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A new Vision to tackle new challenges

Over recent years, the Council has helped create a unique place in the heart of the West of England and has consistently delivered a high standard of local services that demonstrate good value for money.

We now face a wider and much different range of challenges than when our previous Vision was developed five years ago, namely:

  • The national financial deficit which is placing pressure on the finances of all public sector organisations and the day-to-day lives of many local people;
  • Significant changes in Government legislation;
  • An increasingly ageing population and higher unemployment, particularly amongst our young and vulnerable residents.

To tackle these new challenges and continue to provide high standards of service, we have refreshed our Vision which sets out what local people should expect from the Council over the coming years and the type of communities that we want to support.

Putting People and Communities first

We know that communities are only as strong and vibrant as the people who live in them. Our Vision puts people first and communities at the heart of everything we do.

The Vision is now:

Bath and North East Somerset is an area:

1. Where everyone fulfils their potential

People that are

  • Valued and come first
  • Citizens who actively engage
  • Proud of where they live
  • Happy and fulfilled.

2. With lively, active communities,

Communities that

  • Thrive
  • Are fit for the future
  • Are shaped by our citizens
  • Are low carbon and resource efficient.
  • People love to be part of.

3. With Unique places and beautiful surroundings.

Unique places that

  • Give us a great quality of life for work, leisure and sport
  • Have a strong economy promoting local businesses
  • Value the contribution of local people, students and tourists
  • Are building for a greener/ low carbon future
  • And where local communities flourish.

Our Objectives

We have set three objectives to help fulfil this Vision that describe what we are trying to achieve and how we will focus our resources so that we can provide services that will support people and communities to thrive.

Promoting independence and positive lives for everyone

Creating neighbourhoods where people are proud to live

Building a stronger economy

The outcomes that local people will benefit from can be found by clicking on the links above.

To help achieve these, we will create even stronger relationships between the public, private, and voluntary sector to champion joined-up services that are efficient and meet local needs.

Our Values

These outcomes will be underpinned by our values which are:

The kind of organisation we want to be

  • A listening Council with active citizens that reaches every community and culture.

We will operate efficiently as

  • An open and engaging Council that empowers Communities
  • An enabling Council making things happen
  • A Council that is positive about working with others
  • A Council that works in partnership with a range of public, private and voluntary organisations
  • A Council that makes decisions at the right time and level
  • A Council that makes services easy to reach
  • An organisation that encourages continuous learning and improvement.

Improvements are also being delivered by our Change Programme which is making us more financially efficient and providing services more conveniently for people.

Further information

We will be communicating with local people about how we are achieving our Vision and Values. You can keep up to date by:

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