Census 2011 First Release - Key findings for Bath & North East Somerset

A short review of the initial census data released by the ONS on 16 July. Contains headline data for the area, including comparative population pyramids, information on age, sex, and change over time.

Keywords: Age, sex, population, aging population, gender, men, women, Census 2011, ONS,

South West Bath Needs Assessment

A review of cross cutting need for the Twerton and Southdown wards

Local Alcohol Profile

A profile of alcohol harm using 24 indicators

Tobacco Control Profiles - 2011

Profiles containing detail of smoking and tobacco related illnesses

Alcohol Attributable Hospital Admissions in Bath and North East Somerset

A report examining patterns of hospital admission due to alcohol in Bath and North East Somerset.

Child Health Profile - 2012

This profile provides a snapshot of child health in this area. It is designed to help the local authority and primary care trust improve the health and well-being of children and tackle health inequalities. This profile is produced by the Child and Maternal Health Observatory (ChiMat) working with South West Public Health Observatory (SWPHO).

South West Observatory Local Auhority Profiles - Bath and North East Somerset

A range of key facts and figures about Bath and North East Somerset provided by the South West Observatory

Update on Dementia to Overview & Scrutiny Panel

An update on implementation of national dementia strategy including key issues of service use

Children & Young Person's Needs Assessment

A strategic review of the Needs of Children and Young People in Bath and North East Somerset. Superceded by 2012 JSNA

Health Needs of older people with mental health problems - 2008

A review of the data pertaining to older people with mental health issues. This has now been superceded by the 2012 JSNA


Most recent research and statistics

Data on public toilets in Bath and North East Somerset, including information on their location, openi

Sample KML file for open data testing.

A summary presentation (ppt) providing an overview of what the Joint Strategic Needs Assessm

An overview of the development of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment from 2011 to today.

A map showing the population density of Bath and North East Somerset from the ONS 2012 Mid-year popula