Census Theme Summary: Health and Society

This report summarises 2011 Census data for Bath and North East Somerset for the following tables:

KS404 - Car and Van Availability

KS301 - Health and Provision of Unpaid Care

KS106 - Adults not in employment and dependent children and persons

KS501 - Qualifications and Students 

Census Theme Summary: Work and Economy

This report summarises 2011 Census data for Bath and North East Somerset for the following tables:

KS601-603 Economic Activity (males and females)

KS604 Hours Worked

KS605-607 Industry (males and females)

KS608-610 Occupation (males and females)

KS611-613 NS-Sec (Socio-economic classification)(males and females)


Census Theme Summary: Equalities

This report summarises 2011 Census data for Bath and North East Somerset for the following tables:

·         KS101 Usual Resident Population

·         KS102 Age Structure

·         KS103 Marital and Civil Partnership Status

·         KS201 Ethnic group

·         KS202 Multiple ethnic groups

·         KS203 National Identity

·         KS204 Country of Birth

·         KS205 Passports Held

·         KS206 Household Language

·         QS801 Year of Arrival in UK

·         QS802 Age of Arrival in UK

·         QS803 Length of Residence in UK

·         KS209 Religion

Socio-Economic Inequalities presentation

A presentation summarising local evidence on socio-economic inequalities.

Learning Disabilities Focus Groups

A summary report analysing focus groups conducted with service users of Your Say advocacy. The focus groups covered the following topics:

  • Crime
  • Social Lives
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Employment

Private Sector Housing Stock Conditions Survey

The 2011 Bath & North East Somerset Private Sector Housing Stock Condition Survey (HCS) was conducted to gain an understanding of housing conditions in owner occupied and privately rented dwellings. This report provides detail on the findings of the survey and, wherever possible, compares these results to established figures relating to social housing.

Drug Treatment Needs Assessment 2012

A review of local needs and service provision on the subject of substance misuse in Bath and North East Somerset

Public Health Outcomes Framework - Profile for Bath and North East Somerset

The Public Health Outcomes Framework outlines key outcomes used by the government to understand how well public health is being improved and protected.

The data held in this profile may have been superceded by that in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

Projecting Future Care Demand - Older People & Looked After Children

This report summarises what we know about the aging population and attempts to project future demand on local care services.

In addition it reviews likely population change amongst the U18 population and likely impact on demand on services for Looked After Children.

*NB: The data used in this report is based on estimates produced prior to the publication of Census 2011 data and are  subject to review*.

Census First Release: Briefing Note

A briefing note from the first release of Census data highlighting age, sex and change over time for the Bath and North East Somerset population as a whole.


Most recent research and statistics

Data on public toilets in Bath and North East Somerset, including information on their location, openi

Sample KML file for open data testing.

A summary presentation (ppt) providing an overview of what the Joint Strategic Needs Assessm

An overview of the development of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment from 2011 to today.

A map showing the population density of Bath and North East Somerset from the ONS 2012 Mid-year popula