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Marital Status and the Census

37% of the population defined themselves as single1, signfiicantly higher than regional and national levels, this is likely to relate to the notable student population in the area. 309 residents were in a same-sex civil partnership.

Since 20012, there has been a 10% reduction (6,700) in the number of married people and an 11% (1,357) increase in the number of divorcees.

 B&NESB&NESSouth WestEngland & Wales
Single (never married or never registered a same-sex civil partnership)5459737.331.134.6
In a registered same-sex civil partnership3090.20.20.2
Separated (but still legally married or still legally in a same-sex civil partnership)26631.82.32.6
Divorced or formerly in a same-sex civil partnership which is now legally dissolved120578.29.89
Widowed or surviving partner from a same-sex civil partnership98526.77.57

Table 1 - Civil Partnership Status - Census 2011 (c) Crown Copyright 2012. 3