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Within: Service Use and Quality of Care

Related to: Population, Older PeoplePeople with Multiple Needs, Ill Health and Disability, Mental Health and Illness, Carers, Wellbeing, End of Life Care, Learning Disabilities, Palliative Care, Physical and Mobility Impairments, Safeguarding Adults, Service Use and Quality of Care

Key Facts

  • Outcomes for recipients of adult social care are largely better than those for regional and national averages.
  • A notable exception is for delayed transfers of care

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework 1

  • 1. NHS Digital (2016) Measures from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework, England - 2015/16 (Accessed 27/11/2016)

    The Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) is a national process for collecting data pertaining to how well local adult services achieve outcomes for their local population. Some of the data is drawn from surveys of recipeients of adult social care services and their carers and so may be subject to standard sampling error margins. The following interactive tool allows exploration of the data as it relates to Bath and North East Somerset.