In June 2010 the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government wrote to all councils asking them to publish items of spend over £500.

Bath and North East Somerset Council publishes details of expenditure over £500 in line with this request, and in the interests of openess and transparency in public spending.

This Council will publish data on a montly basis following the closure of accounts for the previous month.

What is included

  The reports include the following information:

  • Body Name
  • Service Area Categorisation
  • Service Area Code
  • Expenses Type
  • Account Code
  • Date
  • Transaction Number
  • Amount
  • Supplier Name


The amounts shown exclude VAT.

Where payments under £500 appear in a report, this is either because once the VAT element is included the total is more than £500, or because an invoice for more than £500 has been broken down across different areas of expenditure.


What is not included

There are some items of expenditure that are excluded from the reports. These are:

  • Payments of less than £500
  • Refunds
  • Payments relating to employee remuneration

Where a payment relates to a private individual (for example a a foster parent), the individual’s name has been replaced with the words ‘redacted’ in line with the Council’s obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.


Format of information

The information is published in two formats.

PDF format – this is the easiest format to read the data in and is printer friendly.

CSV format – a machine readable spreasheet which enables easier reuse and analysis.


Reuse of information

This information is available for reuse in line with the Open Government Licence for Public Sector Information.


Further information

Queries about the information within the reports should be directed to the Payments Service. Email:


Expenditure over £500 reports


January 2016 (csv, 1,526kb)

January 2016 (pdf, 4,080kb)

February 2016 (csv, 1,491kb)

February 2016 (pdf, 4,065kb)

March 2016 (csv, 1,640kb)

March 2016 (pdf, 4,598kb)

April 2016 (pdf, 1,956kb)

April 2016 (pdf, 4,992kb)

May 2016 (csv, 2,240kb)

May 2016 (pdf, 2,048kb)

June 2016 (csv, 1,800kb)

June 2016 (pdf, 4,800kb)

July 2016 (csv, 1,806kb)

July 2016 (pdf, 4,927kb)

August 2016 (csv, 2,538kb)

August 2016 (pdf, 1,024kb)

September 2016 (csv, 1,600kb)

September 2016 (pdf, 3651kb)

October 2016 (csv, 861kb)

October 2016 (pdf, 2,096kb)

November 2016 (csv, 751kb)

November 2016 (pdf, 1,860kb)

December 2016 (csv, 735kb)

December 2016 (pdf, 1,833kb)


January 2015 (csv, 1,265kb)

January 2015 (pdf, 8,279kb)

February 2015 (csv, 1,242kb)

February 2015 (pdf, 8,077kb)

March 2015 (csv, 1,446kb)

March 2015 (pdf, 9,510kb)

April 2015 (csv, 1,379kb)

April 2015 (pdf, 9,070kb)

May 2015 (csv, 1,582kb)

May 2015 (pdf, 10,229kb)

June 2015 (csv, 1,797kb)

June 2015 (pdf, 11,873kb)

July 2015 (pdf, 14,449kb)

July 2015 (csv, 2,499kb)

August 2015 (pdf, 9,489kb)

August 2015 (csv, 1,446kb)

September 2015 (pdf, 8,476kb)

September 2015 (csv, 1,434kb)

October 2015 (pdf, 9,209kb)

October 2015 (csv, 1,544kb)

November 2015 (pdf, 11,154kb)

November 2015 (csv, 1,895kb)

December 2015 (pdf, 8,299kb)

December 2015 (csv, 1,406kb)


January 2014 (csv, 1,220kb)

January 2014 (pdf, 7,997kb)

February 2014 (csv, 1,233kb)

February 2014 (pdf, 276kb)

March 2014 (csv, 1,262kb)

March 2014 (pdf, 297kb)

April 2014 (csv, 1,382kb)

April 2014 (pdf, 299kb)

May 2014 (csv, 1,378kb)

May 2014 (pdf, 289kb)

June 2014 (csv, 1,613kb)

June 2014 (pdf, 343kb)

July 2014 (csv, 1,508kb)

July 2014 (pdf, 9,981kb)

August 2014 (csv, 1,465kb)

August 2014 (pdf, 9,605kb)

September 2014 (csv, 1,312kb)

September 2014 (pdf, 8,666kb)

October 2014 (csv, 1,358kb)

October 2014 (pdf, 8,891kb)

November 2014 (csv, 1,246kb)

November 2014 (pdf, 8,178kb)

December 2014 (csv, 1,653kb)

December 2014 (pdf, 10,894kb)


January 2013 (csv 1,412kb)

January 2013 (pdf 338kb)

February 2013 (csv 1,056kb)

February 2013 (pdf 270kb)

March 2013 (csv 1,009kb)

March 2013 (pdf 374kb)

April 2013 (csv 1,088kb)

April 2013 (pdf 284kb)

May 2013 (csv 1,052kb)

May 2013 (pdf 270kb)

June 2013 (csv 1,112kb)

June 2013 (pdf 7,156kb)

July 2013 (csv 1,391kb)

July 2013 (pdf 9,160kb)

August 2013 (csv 1,138kb)

August 2013 (pdf 7,609kb)

September 2013 (csv 1,088kb)

September 2013 (pdf 7,251kb)

October 2013 (csv 1,126kb)

October 2013 (pdf 7,444kb)

November 2013 (csv 1,253kb)

November 2013 (pdf 8,316kb)

December 2013 (csv 1,501kb)

December 2013 (pdf 9,975kb)



December 2012 (csv 990kb)

December 2012 (pdf 6,559kb)

November 2012 (csv 1,136kb)

November 2012 (pdf 7,401kb)

October 2012 (csv 1,070kb)

October 2012 (pdf 6,860kb)

September 2012 (csv 1,063kb)

September 2012 (pdf 6,885kb)

August 2012 (csv 1,463kb)

August 2012 (pdf 9,561kb)

July 2012 (csv 1,171kb)

July 2012 (pdf 7,686kb)

June 2012 (csv 882kb)

June 2012 (pdf 5,705kb)

May 2012 (csv 1,088kb)

May 2012 (pdf 7,167kb)

April 2012 (csv 1,109kb)

April 2012 (pdf 7,895kb)

March 2012 (csv 1,000kb)

March 2012 (pdf 6,458kb)

February 2012 (csv 1,175kb)

February 2012 (pdf 7,610kb)

January 2012 (csv 979kb)

January 2012 (pdf 6,359kb)



January - March 2011 (pdf, 10,487kb)

January - March 2011 (csv, 1,734kb)

April - June 2011 (pdf, 9,852kb)

April - June 2011 (csv, 1,640kb)

July - September 2011 (pdf, 19,207kb)

July - September 2011 (csv, 3,034kb)

October - December 2011 (pdf, 3,153kb)

October - December 2011 (csv, 3,415kb)



December 2010 (csv 595kb)

December 2010 (pdf 270kb)

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