The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 came in to effect on January 1 2005, to coincide with the Freedom of Information Act. They extend the public's right to environmental information.

The Council supports the regulations' key objectives of increasing openness, accountability and transparency in the public sector. The Council recognises that the promotion of greater openness and increased transparency in relation to Council decision making will build public trust and confidence in local government.


Schedule of Fees

Under the EIR the Council is obliged to publish a Schedule of Fees and information on circumstances in which a fee may be charged, waived or required to be paid in advance. The Council’s Schedule of Fees is as follows:

The Council will make a reasonable charge for disbursements such as photocopying, printing and postage, where these costs total £10 or more. Photocopying charges will be based on those in place within the Council’s Public Libraries.

The Council may also impose a market-based charge where the information is provided on a commercial basis and the charge is necessary to ensure such information continues to be collected and published'.

In all cases where a fee is charged, payment by cheque will be required in advance of disclosure. The Council may elect to waive the fee if satisfied that it would be uneconomical to issue a fees notice and process payment. A fee may be charged in all other cases based on the full chargeable elements.



The Council's Environmental Information Regulations Policy is available, please see the links to related documents on the right hand side of this page. 


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