What are they?


The Council has appointed a number of Councillors to be advocates for certain interests within the Council and in the community. They are listed below:


Cleaner,Greener Streets
Councillor June Player
Community Transport
Councillor Brian Simmons
Cycling and Walking
Councillor Nigel Roberts
Heritage and Culture
Councillor Peter Turner
Human Rights
Councillor Sarah Bevan
Looked after Children
Councillor Chris Watt
Mental Wellbeing
Councillor Will Sandry
Public Buildings
Councillor Paul Myers
Road Safety
Councillor Alan Hale
Sustainable Environment
Councillor Paul Crossley
Vulnerable People
Councillor Rob Appleyard


What do they do?


“Advocates” DO NOT have decision making powers. They are primarily to advocate the needs of the particular “interest”.


How do they work?


The “Advocate”;


·        needs an up to date understanding of Council and partner issues affecting their "interest"

·        cannot commit the Council or work outside the political management or executive arrangements

·        will work to promote their "interest" within and with the community

·        will provide advice as required

·        should/could be a nominated Council representative on a relevant outside body

·        can attend relevant conferences relating to their “interest” subject to the prior approval of their Group Leader

·        is not a media contact

·        does not receive an allowance for this role


Officer information and advice


 To perform their role effectively, the "Advocate”


·        should obtain briefings from relevant officers as required

·        will use the Councillors’ dashboard as a consultation tool on relevant planned decisions

·        should be facilitated in seeking co-operative working with the relevant Cabinet Member and Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel Chair(s) and have a right of non-voting attendance to learn/advise at Panel meetings

·        must work through / report back through a nominated lead Director


Officers are advised to consider this role when they brief members on relevant topics.  There is not an automatic right of attendance by the “Advocate” during such discussions but, given the role vested in them by the Council, there are certain expectations on the “Advocate” about being “kept in the loop” on relevant issues.


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