Level 1 Consultations


The main purpose of this type of consultation is to provide information and opportunities for the public to be better informed and gain an understanding of policies or priorities.  Often there is an opportunity for stakeholders to express their point of view on these matters and the Council will aim to respond to these points of view.

Information giving can include communicating though local press and media, other publications and newsletters, presentations, exhibitions and open days, using the Council newspaper or e-newsletter, and using posters and notice boards.  It can also include actively knocking on doors of those directly affected by, for example road works or traffic reduction schemes. 

Information giving is appropriate where there is little room for manoeuvre and there is only one real course of action – for example if there is a legal requirement or public safety issue. Information giving may also be appropriate at the very outset of a more involved process where there will be an opportunity to be more involved later, or where we are informing residents of an opportunity to get involved in policy making, service planning or service review.

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