Consultation undertaken by the Council should be of a consistently high quality and meet various legal and professional standards, including:

  • The Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act
  • Human Rights Legislation
  • Disability Discrimination and Sex Discrimination Act
  • Market Research Society Code of Practice

The Council has also developed its own policy and corporate standards.

Strategy and Best Practice

The Council has a corporate Consultation & Market Research Strategy that was formalised by Full Council in December 2005.  The strategy was required in order to help to tie together the various different consultations that are undertaken by different Council departments at different times. 

In addition to the corporate strategy, some individual parts of the Council have their own consultation and research strategies that detail the consultations that they are due to undertake and appropriate methods and stakeholder groups.  Some individual parts of the Council also have their own best practice guidelines that are determined by central government departments and will take precedence over Council policy; these include Social Services (Research Governance Framework- department of Health) and the Planning Authority‚Äôs Statement of Community Involvement.

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