The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) looks at complaints about Councils. It is a free service and investigates in a fair and independent way.

Complainants should first complain direct to the Council and then if not satisfied contact the LGO (see link on right hand side of this page). The Council’s internal Corporate Complaints Procedure should initially have been completed.

The LGO will look at most services and can be about things that have gone wrong in the way a service has been provided or the way a decision has been made.

Annual Letter/Review and Statistics - Each year the LGO sends the Council an annual letter/review which provides a summary of complaints dealt with by the Authority and any comments on the Authority’s performance and complaint handling arrangements. Attached to this is statistical data for the year and an explanatory note to help the interpretation of the statistics.

 Local Government Ombudsman – contact details

The Local Government Ombudsman can be contacted at PO Box 4771, Coventry. CV4 0EH.

For advice or to make a complaint by telephone please call the LGO Advice Team on 0300 061 0614. Their website is

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