We've published a list of some of those services which are highly valued by local people and are proposed to be protected in 2014/15. By making back office savings, living within our means, and making some difficult decisions we are protecting the vast majority of services.

We are also making no increases in Council Tax in recognition of the tough financial situation for local people.

Supporting vulnerable people and families

We will continue to fund:

1.    The existing 2,200 care packages and placements to maintain the independence of older people and disabled;

2.    1,100 people to use our Personal Budget programme giving them choice over their care packages;

3.    The existing Handyperson home improvement services for around 2,000 people through Care and Repair;

4.    Social care for around 750 of the most vulnerable young people in our society;

5.    Foster care for 135 children and young people;

6.    Our nine Children’s Centres that will continue to support local families;

7.    Delivery of around 46,214 community meals per year to older and vulnerable people and offer a tea service which comprises of a sandwhich and dessert for £2.10;

8.    A Community Alarm Service to more than 1,300 people to older and vulnerable to get help quickly;

9.    Our award winning Independent Living Service which supports 340 people to maintain their independence;

10. The transportation for 150 people to support them to access adult day care services;

11.  The Virtual School for Children In Care service for around 150 vulnerable children and young people;

12. Support for around 100 young people who leave care to give them the opportunity of a positive future.

A better quality of life in our communities

We will continue to fund:

13. Weekly waste and recycling collections for all 72,000 households with a new small electrical item collection service;

14. Around 40 lollipop patrols keeping children and parents safe from traffic;

15. All 52 street cleaners retained to maintain our high standards;

16. All three Recycling Centre’s with existing opening times;

17. All eight library branches for people to read and learn;

18. All five leisure centres kept open to help people keep fit and healthy;

19. The existing four Youth Centre’s kept open for young people to socialise and learn the skills they need for adult life;    

20. Our network of 103 CCTV cameras operating 24 hours a day supporting a safe and secure environment;

21. A network of over 16,000 streetlights that will be turned-on to keep the public and motorists safe during the hours of darkness;

22. Existing winter roads maintenance commitments including nine gritting vehicles that salt over 260 miles of our road network, over 400 grit bins, and 16 snow warden pilots;

23. Repairs to around 2,000 potholes on our roads – and have the money to do more should severe weather strike;

24. A scheme for 78 schools to cut their energy costs and carbon emissions through practical and financial support.

The day-to-day funding of schools and teachers is separate from the Council’s spending.

Supporting people to live, work, and learn

We will continue to fund:

25. Over 50 bus services that wouldn’t otherwise operate;

26. Support for 60 people who are either care leavers or long-term unemployed to get into a work placement;

27. Hundreds more business clinics and workshops for companies looking to start-up;

28. Support for the private sector to increase the take-up of apprenticeships by around 5%;

29. Transport services for around 1,800 eligible young people every day to get to our local schools;

30. Our School Meals Service which, alongside our schools, serves-up 5,500 meals per day for Primary School children;

31. Free entry for all residents to the Fashion Museum, Roman Baths, and most exhibits at the Victoria Art Gallery;

32. Places for 900 children and 200 adults on our Bikeability scheme which encourages safe cycling;

33.  All three One Stop Shops in Bath, Keynsham, and Midsomer Norton kept open and improved. 

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