Implementing the plan for public conveniences 

Improvement works started at Parade Gardens on Monday 27th October – please follow the link under More like this for further information.

Improvement works started at Charlotte Street car park on Monday 13th October – please follow the link under More like this for further information.

Please follow this link for our October update

Please follow this link to the Council meeting of 11 September 2014 to view the Motion that was carried (Item 35)

Improvement works have been completed at:

Monmouth Street (Seven Dials), city centre Bath
Odd Down Park & Ride (off A367)
Monksdale Road, Oldfield Park (Sandpits play area / Two Tunnels foot/cycle path)
Alice Park, Gloucester Road, Lambridge
Memorial Park, Keynsham

The new cubicles being installed by Healthmatic combine a number of improvement features:

  • A high standard of cleanliness and safety and able to handle large numbers of people using them
  • Large enough for a parent with a couple of small children and a pushchair to use together so parents and carers can keep a better eye on their children
  • Built into the existing toilet buildings, disability compliant with safe sharps boxes
  • Many more baby-changing facilities than there are now, accessible to male and female parents and carers
  • High-tech controls means access can be 24 hours / 7 days a week all year or the timers can be adjusted remotely to suit local needs
  • Access by coin entry to a private cubicle with its own hand-washing and drying facilities (as for the existing auto-loos in Bath and North East Somerset which have been operating successfully for 10 years)
  • Resistant to vandalism and misuse with an easy clean tiled interior and hard-wearing fittings
  • Removal of the male/female separate areas into unisex cubicles, access by coin entry, both deterrents to anti-social behaviours
  • Problems are detected remotely enabling rapid response by Healthmatic's engineering and maintenance teams

Reporting problems:

From Monday 6th January 2014, all the Council public toilets are being managed and cleaned by our contractor.

Any problems should be reported direct to Healthmatic's 24 hour service on 01249 823143

The facilities at Paulton continue to be managed by the Parish Council, who should be contacted direct for any problems or queries. 

Batheaston public toilets were closed on 12 July 2014 at the end of a management agreement with the Parish Council.  We are still working with the Parish on options to re-provide the facilities as part of the Vision Plan for the area.

Click here for a list of the current council public toilets plus the changes since 2013.

To find the exact location of one of these public toilets, on our mapping system enter its name in the right hand link under 'Services in Your Area'.

Also, follow this link for Open Data - Public Toilets

Central Bath - click here for a  map of publicly available toilets

Please note that the public toilets at the Royal Victoria Pavilion are closed (from 6th January 2014).  Excel Tennis and Mini-Golf, the Royal Victoria Pavilion café and the bowls club are all open as normal.  Please see the map linked above for the nearest public facilities.

Opening Hours:

These are being extended and varied to suit each location as the improvements are completed.  

Odd Down Park & Ride - open 15 minutes either side of the P&R services.

24hrs a day, 7 days a week throughout the year:

  • Seven Dials in Monmouth Street, Bath
  • Automatic toilet in Charlotte Street, Bath
  • Automatic toilet in Shaftesbury Road, Bath

6am to 9pm 7 days a week

  • Alice Park
  • Monksdale Road (Sandpits play area / Two Tunnels)
  • Memorial Park Keynsham

Please note that the toilets require 20 pence per use.

Public Parks - Opening hours before improvements completed:

Spring/Summer/Autumn (1st March – 31st October) 

  • Monday to Saturday      08:00 to 18:00 
  • Sunday                          10:00 to 16:00

Winter (1st November – 28th/29th February)

  • Monday to Sunday          10:00 to 16:00


Many of the Council Public Toilets have been upgraded to be fully accessible and this is noted in the list of toilets.  All refurbished toilets will include a disability compliant cubicle,  RADAR key access will not be available at those locations.

The future for publicly accessible toilets

A 'Provision Strategy for Public Toilets' was adopted at the Cabinet meeting (item 118) in December 2011.  See under 'Related Documents' for a copy of the Strategy document.

A draft version had been considered by the Planning, Transport & Environment PDS panel on Tuesday 13th September.  Follow this link to see the PDS papers.

This has led on from a Public Consultation carried out between November 2009 and February 2010 seeking views on where and how many toilets are required for residents and visitors, along with who should provide and management them and what they should be like.  The consultation results and the recommendations from the Safer & Stronger Communities Overview & Scrutiny Panel can be seen here:

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