Grit bins

To discuss a Grit bin issue with Highway Maintenance please contact Council Connect on 01225 394041 or email us at

Do you provide grit bins?
Yes - There are currently over 400 grit bins throughout Bath and North East Somerset in known trouble spots which include:

  • Areas not normally subject to mechanical treatment with hilly, exposed locations
  • At potentially dangerous road junctions on streets with a steep gradient
  • At streets with high vehicle usage and a significant gradient

Requesting a grit bin
New requests for the provision of a grit bin are judged against an approved criteria detailed in the Winter service policy. They are only provided if full justification can be shown. New grit bins installed will be black in colour at urban locations and yellow in rural locations.

Refilling a grit bin
Grit bins are inspected at the start of winter and topped up with salt and some grit as necessary. During times of adverse weather if grit bins approach depletion a refill can be requested by contacting Council Connect on 01225 394041 or emailing

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