snow wardens with a grit trailer

Snow warden scheme

Snow warden and deputy warden information is shown below for each of the participating wards. To discuss the Snow warden scheme please contact or call Council Connect on 01225 394041


Duty  Name 

Email Address 

Bathford Warden Peter Martin
Bathford Deputy David Le Lohe
Bathwick Estate / Sydney Buildings Warden Martin Brennan
Bathwick Estate / Sydney Buildings Deputy Ken Ayres
Calton & Holloway Warden Jon Goodwin
Calton & Holloway Deputy Stewart Owen
Camden Warden Chris Smith
Camden Deputy Wilfred Lloyd  
Charlcombe Warden Stewart Chorley                       
Charlcombe Deputy Alistair MacKichan
Claverton Down Warden  David Martin                                                
Claverton Down Deputy Ralph Nunn
Claverton Village Warden Mark Mackintosh      
Claverton Village Deputy Richard Wright
Corston Warden John May
Englishcombe  Warden    Brian Hugget       
Englishcombe Deputy Alan Jones
Farrington Gurney Warden
Hunstrete Warden Anita Coaster
Hunstrete Deputy Tim Warren  
Kingsway Warden Andrew Hornsbury
Peasedown St John Warden   Calvin Bird
Peasedown St John  Deputy
South Stoke Warden        Geoff Davies                    
South Stoke Deputy Michael Devenish
Westfield Warden    
Westfield Deputy Andrew Butcher
Westmoreland Warden June Player                June_Player@BATHNES.GOV.UK                        
Westmoreland Deputy Jim Foreman


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