The Bear Flat Residents’ Association carried out a survey in October 2017 asking local residents if they would support the introduction of a Residents’ Parking Zone (RPZ) in the Bear Flat area. 

The results of this survey showed that there had been an apparent shift in support for a RPZ (compared to a previous survey carried out in 2016) with 52.4% of the 556 (68.9%) households that responded stating that they would support the introduction of a RPZ.

Funding for a RPZ was subsequently approved in the Councils’ 2018/19 budget, and the Traffic Management Team produced an outline design for a possible RPZ in the Bear Flat area shortly afterwards.  This design was the subject of a public consultation event held on the 21st June 2018, which was visited by around 400 people.  Officers from the Traffic Management Team are currently collating and analysing all of the responses that have been received, including those that were forwarded by email or post, up to the 6th July. 

A number of specific design issues were also identified at the consultation event and these, along with other information that has been received, will be considered for possible inclusion into the scheme during the detail design of the proposals.  It is currently anticipated that the detail design process will be completed by the end of August, with the formal public advertisement of the proposals being carried out in the autumn.  


Comments from the formal advertisement of the proposals will be considered by officers, before a final decision is made on whether or not to proceed with the proposed Bear Flat RPZ.  If it is decided to go ahead, it is currently anticipated that the RPZ would come into effect in February of 2019.     



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