Early Years & Road Safety

Road safety education starts from birth

  • From birth through to junior school, children develop independence. It's natural for them to want to take more responsibility, but when it comes to road safety this can be daunting for a parent.
  • One day your child will be making journeys on their own; they'll be crossing roads, riding bikes and driving cars.
  • As a parent it's important to make that process as safe as you can by helping your child learn how to behave near traffic and roads from a very early age.
  • It may seem a very long way off but making safe journeys alone starts right now.
  • This is all part of your child's learning to make journeys on their own - even though this is many years in the future.

Key messages for parents with very young children

  • As a parent you are the most powerful influence on your child's behaviour.
  • Encourage safe behaviour by setting the best example.
  • Always hold your child's hand near traffic and roads.
  • Ensure your child is strapped into a suitable car seat, or is using public transport safely.
  • Set the best example, your child will copy your behaviour.

Advice for Early Years staff

  • There is no replacement for the parent as a role model. However, we hope to reach parents through our work with preschools.
  • Contact Donna Biddlecombe about the Road Safety Workshops on either 01225 394426 or Donna_Biddlecombe@bathnes.gov.uk

Early Years Road Safety and the Active Play Award

  • Following a successful pilot The Traffic and Safety Team have joined with the Early Years Team and now offer educational Road Safety through the Active Play Award.
  • Children aged 3 and 4 will be taught road safety awareness at their nursery or preschool throughout the year.
  • For the best results, topics will need to be supported by parents in the child's free time on every day journeys they make and at home.
  • A resource box is available to borrow. This will help to illustrate the various themes.
    The aim is to make road safety part of the preschool curriculum.
  • The scheme is available to all from September 2010.
  • For information on the Active Play Award contact Lucy Rae on either 01225 395031 or Lucy_Rae@bathnes.gov.uk
  • Visit the Think! website for more information on the themes.

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