The Authority has the power to make Corrective Orders under section 19(2)(a) to (e) of the Commons Act 2006.  These order rectify certain mistakes and omissions made when the registers were opened in the 1960s; for example, by deregistering wrongly registered common land.  There is a fee of £850 for Corrective Orders made under section 19(2)(b) to (e) of the Commons Act 2006 which is payable at the time the application is made; applicants will also have to pay the Planning Inspectorate's own charges if the Corrective Order has to be referred for determination.  Further information, including comprehensive guidence notes and application forms, can be foundon the defra website.

If you wish to be notified when an application for a Corrective Order has been submitted to the Authority please email or telephone 01225 477650.




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