Path at Alexandria Park

What is the aim of the project?

The aim of the project is to make a legal record of the public rights of way within the City of Bath. This is known as the definitive map and statement. The City of Bath did not previously have a definitive map and statement for the public rights of way within the city boundary.  The project process is described in full.

What does the project involve?

It is a long term project, expected to take until at least 2020, involving researching possible public rights of way using both historical evidence and the evidence supplied by people who use them.  It is not intended to record pavements or private alleyways and paths which solely give access to people's properties.  The paths of the city are researched on a ward by ward basis, starting with Weston Ward in the north west of the city and finishing in Combe Down Ward in the south east of the city.  Click here for a map showing the wards.

What are the benefits?

Having an accurate record of the public rights of way will assist in the planning of their maintenance and improvement. The Ordnance Survey maps for the area will be updated to show the public rights of way, meaning that more people will benefit from using them. Other Council initiatives such as Walking for Life and the Joint Local Transport Plan will be able to incorporate the information into their plans.

Project Progress as at March 2018

  • The Definitive Map and Statement for the City of Bath was published in 2006 and comprises of 54 paths with an approximate length of 8km.
  • A further 304 paths with an approximate length of 42km have been added to the Working Copy of the Definitive Map and Statement since it was published in 2006. 
  • This makes the number of paths recorded on the Bath Working Copy Map to be 358 with a total length of approximately 50km. 

Project update - view the latest information and maps of the wards

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